The Ghost of Dopetracks

For several years I pretended to be a lady called Kristi Krisis on a big hip hop community Dopetracks, where producers and emcees would collaborate to make music. I used my wife’s pictures and developed a hyper-critical character. Kristi was a huge hit. I had to work out ways to avoid being hit on by guys but still collaborate with them. The site ended up hiring her as the community manager.

One day I got found out. A lot of people were pissed off. I decided to go to the States and meet as many of the people as I could and document it. 

While we were out there the site collapsed and closed down, we we dashed to LA and filmed the process. It was emotional for a lot of people. 

I’ve got a 6 terabyte task of editing it still ahead of me, but here are a couple of clips we did on the road for the community.