Side projects

I work hard to take my mind off of work. 

For several years I pretended to be a lady called Kristi Krisis on a Dopetracks, a big hip hop community. I got found out eventually. Then I went to the States to meet as many people in the community as I could. More on it here

I’ve had music released on a few labels over the years. It’s an acquired taste, but I’ve been lucky enough to get radio play on BBC, featured on Fabric compilations and Diplo was a fan. Have a listen here.

I’ve been running ‘Sunday Sample’ for about 6 years. It’s a community for nerdy producers that’s become a bit of a web institution. We choose a song to sample, chop it up, post it online and geek out over snares. 

Have a listen over here.

Ikebana is a minimalistic flower arranging art from Japan. They usually use posh flowers, but my wife and I grab flowers from parks, lay-bys or I just steal stuff from gardens and make Ikebana arrangements. Ikea quite liked what we did using weeds and trash in their car park and invited us in to do a workshop. She thinks it’s a trap, so we haven’t done it yet. Take a look here

NonDef radio is a collective of music geeks that do alternative soundtracks and thematic shows on places like Hoxton Radio and Resonance FM. Five years and counting: we’ve soundtracked almost everything known to man or beast. If we ever meet I’ll probably ask you if you want to be a guest. Listen to a selection of shows here