Old work

Tropicana wanted to make the shortest day of the year a little brighter, so we put a gigantic sphere of light up in Trafalgar Square, giving Londoners a little more light at the start and end of the day. I ran the social. We trended in the UK all day and globally at points.

HP Inkjet were promoting their subscription ink service for homes. We tapped into the parent daydreams of writing children’s books by hooking up with notable authors in UK, France and Germany and co-creating new titles with influencers in each territory. The campaign increased subscriptions by 119% and won the platinum European Sabre Award for social.

Guinness Arthur’s Day. I ran the digital channels and developed branded content for Guinness during the Arthur’s Day events. I still drink in the pub it was shot in, but the landlord won’t give me a free pint until it hits 5m views. 

Walkers wanted to celebrate their farmer suppliers. This animated video using objects from Pepsico’s partner farms, which shows the process from field to packet using a range of animation techniques. I’m really proud of it. It featured on several TV stations around the world.

Pfizer commissioned a series of films which helped global physicians understand symptoms of rare diseases that are often misdiagnosed.

Chimichanga hired Beefy Sutton goalkeeper Wayne Shaw straight after being seen eating a pie while sitting on the substitutes bench. We got him in to try the belt-busting ‘Tombstone Challenge’ for restaurant Chimichanga in front of the press.

MINI‘s fleet of mini MINIs were a surprise hit of the 2012 Olympics. We ran the the social and created the TOV for the brand on Twitter. We also developed the criss comms for BMW during the games. 

Galaxy were all about upgrades. We created a branded channel on ASOS for Galaxy chocolate (Mars), which featured content with big name influencers interviewing talent. The activity recruited 500k brand fans to the Galaxy Facebook page and reached over 4m people through influencer channels, owned media and ASOS.

Game of Thrones (Sky) wasn’t always news. We created 300 Iron Throne seat covers and distributed them to celebrity fans, generating millions of views and coverage across the board. 

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s site tells you if it’s safe to travel someone: if it says ‘no’, your insurance is invalid. But nobody checked there. So I developed an API and an embeddable widget for publishers to put into relevant pages, connecting with the right audience. 
E.g. The the content on skiing destinations on skiing sites. It increased the traffic to the FCO site by over 2000%